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Beaker is a cylindrical glass or plastic vessel used for holding liquids. Beakers are often graduated, that is, marked on the side with lines indicating the volume contained.

Temperature resistant glass beakers is a multi-purpose piece of equipment used for containing a chemical reaction, measuring liquids, heating them over a Bunsen burner’s flame or collecting them in a titration experiment.

A beaker can also be used as a reaction vessel for arranging a solution at room temperature or under heating, dissolving a substance and a relatively large amount of a substance.
1. When heating the beaker, place an asbestos net to evenly heat. Do not directly heat the beaker with flame. The outer wall of the beaker needs to be dried when heated.
2. For dissolution, the amount of liquid does not exceed 1/3 of the volume, and it is necessary to stir with a glass rod. Do not touch the bottom of the cup and the wall of the cup while the glass rod is being stirred.
3. When used for liquid heating, do not exceed 2/3 of the beaker volume, generally 1/3 is suitable.
4. When heating corrosive drugs, cover the surface of the cup on the cup to prevent liquid spillage.
5. Do not use a beaker to hold chemicals for a long time to prevent dust from falling in, or evaporation of water.
6. Do not use a beaker to measure the liquid.

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